Inspired-by is a Danish brand established in 2014 by Susanne and Rasmus.

We are inspired by all the things that surround us and we are always on the look-out for new inspiration for our designs, and, in a larger sense, for life.

When we established Inspired by, we were very much in love with wearable photo art – designed in Denmark and expressed on scarves. The scarves are made in high-quality materials such as wool, silk, cashmere, and cotton.

We both come from the Danish countryside but now live in the city. We are therefore very inspired by both the natural beauty of Denmark and the impressive buildings and pulse of the city. We are so proud of all of our designs – every single piece discovered and shaped into a unique and detailed expression by us in collaboration with photographers, instagrammers, and photo artists. This way, each scarf has a unique identity.

On the basis of our photographers’ beautiful photos, our selection of scarves offers many colours and expressions for the style-conscious woman.

We have a close relationship with our production site to ensure extremely high quality.


Welcome to Inspired-by.


Susanne & Ramus

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